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Monthly Tips & Tools

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Make sure your user web face is user-friendly, mobile device compatible, and can work on multiple platforms. Many times your website looks good on a computer or laptop but doesn't show on mobile; where most of your user traffic drives from. 


Good logos don't have to be over compacted to understand your brand purpose. Make sure you are presenting a clear message.


People gravitate to businesses with a clear message, vision, and purpose. Stay consistent with your message, and stay up to date with your content.


Offer something people need. And remember you are making an impact. Keep going, Push through, and don't give up. you got this.


Your content is just as important as your vision. Many users want to see your interactions with the world and have exclusive access.

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Not attracting new clients
  • Re-evaluate your goals and values
  • Know what your challenges are and how to overcome them
  • Narrow down your target audience 
  • Outsource someone to help complete tasks
  • Engage with your audience on social media 
  • Boost your marketing 
  • Check and understand your user analytics 
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